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Dinner and visit to “La Compañía”  Church (Friday, Oct. 27)



One-Day Tour to Colonial Quito and “Mitad del Mundo” (Sunday, Oct. 29)



* Discounts are available for members of the following organizations: ASA, SRMS, IEEE, and WAPOR Latam.

Payment & Registration

To complete payment for your BigSurv23 participation, add the items below to your cart. Also, please read the following Step-by-Step Payment Instructions.

Upon completion of your payment, you will receive a form via email from UNA-Ecuador. This form will provide organizers some additional information, including your meal preferences, membership status, and a consent form. You will need to fill this form out as a final step to complete your registration. 

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New! Scholarships for Ecuadorian Professionals

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Please read the following Step-by-Step Payment Instructions

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FAQs about Registration Fees

What does my Conference fee include?

The conference registration fee includes the welcome reception (beverages and appetizers), and snacks and beverages during the morning and afternoon breaks.  It also includes transportation for attendees to and from the primary conference hotel (Go Quito Hotel).


What about lunch?

Tickets for group lunches at the University restaurant will be available for purchase at a very convenient rate.


What are the planned social events?

 An optional dinner on Friday, 27 October and a one-day tour on Sunday, 29 October are planned. There is an additional charge to attend these events. 



Dinner will take place in one of the most beautiful restaurants of Colonial Quito. Before dinner, attendees will visit the breathtaking Church of the Society of Jesus in Quito in a private tour. 


One-Day tour to Colonial Quito and the “Middle of the World”:   

An exclusive private tour for BigSurv23 is planned for Sunday for attendees to explore the most beautiful historic center in South America, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Downtown Quito is a vibrant place filled with traditions, colors, and countless discoveries. The tour will begin around 8:30 am, and you can walk through Independence Square, Archbishop’s Palace, Government Palace, and the Cathedral. You will also visit La Compania Church, Plaza de San Francisco, the Church of San Francisco, and the charming street La Ronda. We’ll also see the Panecillo viewpoint. Along the way, you will be able to admire the Basilica of the National Vow.

Lunch will be provided at a typical restaurant. Afterward, we will proceed to the monument to the Middle of the World, where you will visit the complex and have the opportunity to stand with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other foot in the Southern Hemisphere. The tour will conclude at the same location where you were initially picked up.

Can I pay separately for the Friday night dinner at BigSurv23 conference?

Yes, it is possible to pay separately for the Friday night dinner at the BigSurv23 conference. The conference organizers have made provisions for attendees to customize their registration and make individual purchases through the AENU website.

To pay separately for the Friday night dinner, please follow these steps:

1.        Go to the registration system.

2.        Proceed to the “Social Events” section.

3.        Look for the option labeled “Dinner (Friday, Oct. 27)” and add it to your cart.

4.        Complete the purchase individually for the dinner, separate from the conference registration fee.

By following these steps, you can ensure your attendance at the dinner and the conference while using different payment methods for each.


What if I don’t have a passport, license or TAX number?

In the checkout process you might find the credit card company asks for a passport, a license or a tax number. If you don’t have any of those or you don’t want to include them just write down 00000.


What is BigSurv23 Cancellation Policy?

BigSurv23 cancellation policy can be found here.