Training Session: Hands-on training to select a two-stage gridded population sample using free, user-friendly tools (Onsite Rate)




Instructors: Dr. Dana R Thomson & Dr. Dale Rhoda


Household surveys in countries with an outdated census, or in complex urban settings with mobile or informal populations can be implemented with an improved sample frame based on modelled gridded population estimates. This hands-on training will briefly introduce survey practitioners to the emerging field of gridded population sampling before guiding attendees through two hands-on activities. The activities are based on free, easy-to-use tools – GridSample and GeoSampler – so no special programming or GIS skills are required to attend this session. In the first activity, attendees will generate a sample frame from gridded population data and select primary sampling units with probability proportional to size (GridSample). In the second activity, attendees will randomly sample structures (GeoSampler). Further instruction will be provided about questions to include in the survey questionnaire that allow adjustments for households-per-structure in the sample weights, and production of digital/paper maps that enable easy navigation for field workers. The training is based on the recently published manual on “Designing and Implementing Gridded Population Surveys.”